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Direct part marking in
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Technifor provides the automotive industry identification and traceability with laser, micro-percussion and scribing permanent marking solutions. You may not see our name, but we are here:


Seats, Cigarette lighter, Radio, Seat belt, Airbag, Climate control, Dash board control, Interior plastic parts, Ceiling lights...

Sensors & switches

Sensors & switches
Multi-function plug, Relay, Air flow sensor, Oil pressure sensor, Heating control, Sensor...

Engine components

Engine Components
Pistons, Engine block, Pinion Gear, Crankshaft, Piston rod, Camshaft, Cylinder casing, Racing car parts...

Fuel supply systems

Fuel supply systems
Fuel pump, Injection system, Alternator, Starter, Radiator, Air cleaner, Water pump, Oil pump, EGR valve, Air water box...

Automotive Technifor application Automobile seats Sensors and switches Gear box Body panels - chassis Power Train & Steering systems Exhaust system Fuel supply systems Engine components
Body panels

Body Panels - Chassis
Doors, Body panels, Frames, Vehicle identification number (VIN), Truck chassis...

Gear box

Gear box
Bearings-gears, Body valve, Pinion, Main shaft, Lay shaft, Reverse gear...

Power train & Steering systems

Power Train & Steering systems
Transmision system, Drive shaft, Suspension arm, Shock absorber, Torsion bar, Wheels, Brake disc, Caliper brake, Steering column, Spindle guide...

Exhaust system

Exhaust system
Particulate filter, Catalytic Converter, Exhaust system, Muffler, Manifold, Silencer


Headlight, fog light, lintel, headlight casing...



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