JES131 marking standard

JES131 marking standard

JES 131 is a Rolls Royce specification for part marking methods approved on their components. This engineering specification covers amongst other human readable code such as serial number, as well as 1D and 2D machine readable codes. It is mainly a UK/European identification specification.

What does JES131 stand for? 

Joint Engineering Specification.


Technifor JES 131 dot peen markers

The Impact M range of marking systems are perfectly suited for repeatable quality JES131 compliant marking every time. Their touchscreen interface makes it simple to programme and operate. To comply with JES131, a 120-degree stylus tip is supplied to give the best results when marking 2D codes. Marking force can be fine tuned anywhere between 1-100% depending on components material hardness.


USB compatibility enables programme selection and data entry via the scanning of a barcode, thus eliminating the need for manual data entry and associated human error risks.

The Technifor Impact Markers can be programmed off-line with the supplied Windows™ based Gravotrace software (free to download).


JES131 marking template JES131 - marking result
The marking instructions require to follow a strict template The marking result


JES 131 laser marking

Laser marking requires metallographic assessment for JES131 compliance, as one of the key issues with laser marking is heat impact on the part material structure. Technifor Green series (532nm) lasers, also referred to as 'cold marking'  lasers, have been developed for laser engraving with reduced heat generation and are therefore particularly recommended.


Green Laser marker
JES131 - Steel laser marking
Cold marking - Green laser Laser marking - Steel part


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JES131 compliant marking using an IMPACT dot-peen marking machine:

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