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In aviation, foreign object debris (FOD) is any article or substance, alien to an aircraft or system, which could potentially cause damage.


The tools used during manufacture which should always be tracked and marked using Technifor marking equipment ready for FOD Control. This enables the ability to trace the origin of the debris should it be required.


Technifor offers permanent, robust and camera-readable marking using a laser or dot peen for all your parts:

  • Permanent marking: 2D DataMatrix code, font 5x7, OCR, serial numbers and logos, etc.
  • Marking of all parts: unitary parts or batches, all shapes, all materials
  • Marking of all sizes: from the smallest data matrix code and characters on turbine blades to the widest identifications on maintenance tools


Discover some key applications here:

Marking of turbine blades

Marking of turbine blades

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Aerospace part marking

DataMatrix code on segments

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Technifor marking machines are the reference for many in the aeronautics industry: component manufacturing plants, engine or aircraft assembly plants, spare part maintenance centres, etc.


Complying with standards ATA SPEC2000, SAE, NASA, UID, JES131, our marking systems guarantee complete traceability of your parts: identify, record and read your information throughout the life of your parts.

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