Marking of Datamatrix code on transmissions

Aluminium case marking
Aluminium case marking
Identification of each casing by a datamatrix code
Identification of each casing by a datamatrix code and references
Aluminium case marking

Client needs

Datamatrix marking of aluminium housing for naval transmissions

Need to replace a paper system with monitoring sheets and labels with permanent and automatic marking:

  • Marking in the control cell after use of the measurement machine
  • Marking of measurement values and the part number in text and in Datamatrix format
  • Verification of the data matrix code marked for each part

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Solution proposed

Marking: dot peen marking head mounted on a pneumatic positioning unit

Code reading: integrated reading camera


  • Connected to the measurement machine, the marking machine receives the information to be marked as soon as the measuring operations are complete.
  • The positioning unit moves the marking machine against the parts to be marked and marks it. The camera reads the code marks and checks its readability.
  • If the marking is not compliant, a red light informs the operator responsible for removing the non-compliant part.

Client benefits

Technifor has automated and secured a feature which was critical for us. Today this offers numerous benefits:

- No more issues with lost or mixed-up paper files

- We are sure that each part is properly marked with its measurement data. 

- The entire history is automatically saved until the end of the part's life.

When we send our parts to the assembly plant, the operator scans the code marked on each part and collects the measurement values on the screen.

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Marking of Datamatrix code on transmissions

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