Laser marking on cardboard

Laser marking on cardboard

Cardboard is a light and rigid material; there are different types: corrugated cardboard, grey cardboard, wooden cardboard, and cellulose cardboard.

Easy to work with, the cardboard is easily marked with a CO2 laser which ensures indelible and unforgeable marking and allows to meet the requirements of European standards.

Technifor offers cardboard marking solutions for the identification and traceability of your products.

Our laser engraving and marking machines on cardboard

Our marking machines allow: 

Raw cardboard, painted cardboard... What results in terms of marking?

Raw cardboard (unpainted) Painted cardboard

The CO2 laser burns it locally to heat it up.

The marking obtained is black and contrasting.

The CO2 laser removes the upper surface to reveal the unpainted cardboard.

Laser marking on painted cardboard is even faster than on raw cardboard.

Advantages of using CO2 laser cardboard marking:

Laser cardboard marking - medical industry Laser marking of cardboard - food industry Laser marking cardboard - cosmetics industry


Forget labels and polluting solvents, and gain in reactivity while reducing your costs with Technifor laser marking! 

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Laser marking on cardboard

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