Marking on wood

Laser marking on wood

Wood is a noble material, which generates more and more demands and reacts extremely well to the CO2 laser.

Faced with its growing success, the wood industry is increasingly confronted with illegal trade... Wood products must then meet a certain number of standards (ISO/PC 287, CE marking, etc.)

Technifor offers laser marking systems on wood that allow you to identify and track your products throughout their life.

Our laser engraving and marking machines on wood:

Our CO2 laser engraving machines can meet your requirements depending on your substrate (size, wood species, thickness).

Technifor laser wood marking is indelible, forgery-proof and meets the standards imposed by the European Union.


Laser marking heats the wood in a localized way, in order to make the desired marking appear without heating or deforming the part; this makes it possible to obtain a more or less contrasted marking (from dark brown to black).

Our laser engraving machines offer: 

Several CO2 laser powers are available at Technifor to best meet your expectations:

Wood laser marking
Wood laser engraving
Laser marking on wood
Laser marking of wooden wine cases


Designed by professionals for professionals, Technifor laser machines will allow you to track and protect your product, without using a label or polluting solvent!


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Laser marking on wood

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