Direct part marking codes and numbers

Direct Part Marking - DPM

Direct part marking or DPM is the process of marking permanent text or a machine-readable symbol such as the Data Matrix code directly on the surface of a part so as to provide complete traceability throughout the component's life cycle.

The benefits of DPM (Direct Part Marking)

Unlike other methods such as label printing, direct marking has several advantages:

Where is DPM found?

Many industries implement the monitoring of parts using DPM identification (direct part marking).

The marking of 2D data matrix code at each stage of a product's assembly guarantees its traceability throughout its life:

Component marking → Sub-assembly identification → Final assembly marking → Finished product identification → Maintenance marking
Identify a component Identify a subset Identify a final assembly Finished product identification DPM marking for maintenance

DPM marking techniques

Technifor offers the most productive and the most profitable direct part marking techniques. Combined with automatic reading, you have comprehensive solutions to achieve the identification of your parts and meet traceability requirements:

Pneumatic dot peen Electromagnetic dot peen Scribing Laser: fibre, hybrid, green, CO2 2D code reading
Pneumatic Dot Peen DPM marking Electromagnetic Dot Peen DPM marking Scribing DPM marking Fibre laser DPM marking Data Matrix code reading

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Direct Part Marking - DPM

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