Code marking: Rolls-Royce RRES 90003 / JES131

Rolls Royce engineering specifications: RRES 90003 / JES / EDI

What is RRES90003?

RRES (Rolls Royce Engineering Specification) 90003 is an engineering specification used by Rolls Royce defining the scope and control measures for identification and marking purposes. It comes in place of JES 131 and EDI specifications. This is predominantly but not exclusively used with the Aerospace industry.

2D Code Quality

The 2D data matrix still follows the AS9132 requirements. Code quality monitoring is of paramount importance. Technifor supplies verification cameras designed to produce code quality reports, including in PDF format for document portability / sharing.

Permissible marking methods will be specified within the part drawing as well as the location of the mark. Multiple marking methods may be specified, with Dot Peen being one of the most common.

Technifor’s Impact M dot peen marker is specifically recommended for the marking of RRES90003 codes with high quality, repeatable 2D data matrix as well as human readable text.

Dot Peen marking machine

Data handling

The data within a 2D code will typically contain ASCII characters such as: group separator, record separator and end of transmission. Without these characters the code will not comply to the marking standard.

Gravotrace / Lasertrace software (Windows™) is free to download and can handle the data requirements set out in the specification. The built-in UID generator automatically creates the extra ASCII characters required to match the correct format.


Laser marking

Laser marking of RRES 90003 is an accepted method on certain components. The specific process is subject to quality analysis and needs to be inspected for depth, width, recast, heat affected zone, cracking and excess material. Those are issues associated with the use of fibre lasers, as they tend to produce a large amount of cracking when marking metal due to the aggressive 1064nm wavelength.

Technifor’s Green laser series operate at 532nm and as such are referred to as a ‘cold marking’ systems. The lower wavelength results in less heat whilst marking which improves recast levels and dramatically reduces cracking and the heat affected zone. The Green series lasers are available for integration into other machines as well as in an LW2 or LW3 enclosure to create a versatile benchtop system.

Technifor’s Green laser series have been extensively tested and approved by Rolls Royce.

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