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Which technology should I choose for DataMatrix code marking?

Each production is unique and requires special attention when selecting the data matrix marking technology. It is important to determine the best solution in order to succeed in the 2D coding of your parts.

As expert in identification and traceability, we have developed unrivalled know-how through comprehensive applications and our machines are referenced among many suppliers and manufacturers.
Dot-peen, scribe or laser marking, we help you make the right choice!

Depending on the nature of your parts, your process, your budget, several direct marking technologies are possible:

Data Matrix code in Dot Peen marking Data Matrix code in laser marking

Datamatrix dot peen and scribing marking

Datamatrix laser marking

Profitability and effectiveness

Outstanding marking speed and quality

  • The machine carbide tips provide constant marking and a very long service life.
  • The cost of this marking method and its ease of application have made it one of the preferred technologies for direct part marking (DPM).
  • Our marking machines are able to provide very high-quality Data Matrix marking in reduced time on any material and hardness up to 62 Hrc.
  • A single marking cycle allows you to mark both datamatrix codes and alphanumeric characters.
  • Several marking surfaces are available to suit your application.
  • Integrated into portable marking machines, dot peen facilitates mobile marking on the production site.

Our indent marking technology does not damage the part and does not affect its integrity.
A range of tips with angles of 120°, 90° and 60° has been specifically adapted to increase the decodability of the marking.

  • The laser beam can be used to mark very high-quality 2D codes at a very high speed. Ideal for mass production.
  • Its high definition can be used to mark very small data matrix codes.
  • The high contrast achieved on many plastics and metals guarantees ease of reading
  • Our laser machines provide great production flexibility: non-contact technique, less restrictive part-machine distance, adjustable parameters based on the surface states of the parts, high level of automation.
  • Reduced operating costs: less maintenance and no consumable compared with other datamatrix coding techniques such as inkjet or electrochemical marking.

Our laser machines are compact for optimal integration into your production lines.
Designed for industrial applications, their implementation has been simplified as far as possible to reduce installation times and costs.

Technifor is able to offer a wide range of datamatrix solutions. Its expertise can make the difference by helping you to specify the solution best suited to your needs, including in the case of very specific industry standards such as the JES131 Rolls Royce specifications.


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Which technology should I choose for DataMatrix code marking?

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