One machine, two technologies, four versions



One machine, two technologies, four versions

Technifor has been able to adapt to emerging needs in terms of identification and traceability thanks to its expertise in micro-percussion technology.

More compact and convenient, the IMPACT range of benchtop machines is now available with two different energy sources.

Today more than ever before, industrial operators need speed, precision and quality. Their demands can be met with one of the pneumatic or electromagnetic machines in the IMPACT range.

Switch on, touch, mark!

With Touch & Mark, the machines in the IMPACT range are totally standalone and they have onboard traceability software. Thanks to the touchscreen and intuitiveness of its interface, marking is possible from the moment the machine is out of the box.

Detect, adjust, mark!

Machines with a motorised Z axis feature the I-Sense function; they can detect the surface of the workpiece and automatically adjust the position of the Z axis. All this with no intervention on the part of the operator!

Design, adapt, mark!

The new Dynamic Dot Control™ technology enables automatic adjustment of point density according to the required size and depth of marking: markings are permanently legible and of high quality, irrespective of your application.

From the fastest to the most precise, Technifor’s machines have become the benchmark in industrial identification and traceability: already a trailblazer in this sphere, the brand continues to innovate and prove its know-how. 


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