Dot peen and scribe marking machines

What is dot peen marking?

Dot peen technology (also called dot peening or micro percussion) was invented by Technifor in 1981. It consists of 'stamping' directly onto parts a series of dots at a very high speed to form alphanumeric characters, graphics such as symbols and logos, or codes, such as 2D Data Matrix and UID.

Dot peen engraving can be carried out on all metals and most plastic parts. This technology produces marking without material removal, therefore, respecting the integrity of parts and components.

Scribe marking is a variation of dot peen marking. It works by producing continuous lines, as opposed to dots, by dragging the marking tool (a carbide or diamond tip stylus) into the material. This is a very quiet process, perfect for high-resonance or hollow parts, and produces a clean and precise engraved mark. 

Technifor has a long history of working with the largest industrial groups, which trust the quality of its products and after sales support. Tens of thousands of intergrable machines are in operation today, working in automated production lines and operating 24/7 in harsh environments.

The same build quality is found in our range of portable machines, from the very light and compact XE320Cp to the deep marking XF530. Our bench-top machines are also designed for intensive use, with the benefit of versatility thanks to accessories such as 3D stylus, automatic plate feeder or electronic rotary third axis. 

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