Portable Machines - Handheld Engravers

Designed for autonomy, these industrial portable marking machines do not require a PC to operate them. Our handheld marking systems are ideal to mark heavy industrial parts that can't be moved.

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Portable Machines - Handheld Engravers

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Marking files can be programmed directly onto the hand held engraving machine with the T05 built-in software using the supervisor mode, whereas the operator mode will limit access to functions in order to make heavy part marking simple and easy.

Equipped with dot peen technology, they will generate permanent marking into most materials, including hard metals. The micro-impacts produced by the carbide tip do not generate stress onto the part during the dot-peen marking process.

Our current range of portable dot peen markers includes the ultra-compact XM500, the fully autonomous portable marking gun XM700 and the portable deep marker XF530.

All our portable marking machines are fully programmable and can mark a wide range of materials from soft plastic to hard metal.

Our hand held marking machines are recommended for the following industries:
- Oil & Gas
- Construction
- Marine