Laser Marking Machines - Integrable range

From highly precise applications on exotic alloys such as titanium and inconel in the aerospace industry to large characters with deep marks that can survive harsh environments, Technifor has a laser marker to meet your requirements.

Our traceability dedicated software contains wizards to allow fast and error-free formatting of UID, GS1 and AIM compatible codes.

Our powerful and flexible 'Production Mode' permits connections to external databases, eliminating data entry errors. For example, an operator can scan a work order and the required data will automatically be populated in the correct field on an identification plate.

Easy to integrate and communicative markers

Our laser marking machines meet industrial standards and can be easily installed on new or existing production lines.

Choosing the right laser machine is essential:  Surface colouration, surface removal, 2D or 3D engraving, various effects and outcomes are possible and each application has its own laser!

We have an etching/marking system to suit your needs within our wide range of laser systems.

Our technical teams are able to perform tests in real conditions on your parts and advise you on the adapted parameters.

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Laser Marking Machines - Integrable range

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