Portable Dot Peen Machine XE320Cp

XE320Cp Portable marking machine - pneumatic dot peen
Portable marking machine - Pneumatic dot peen

A light portable dot peen marking machine, providing permanent identification and traceability of your heavy industrial parts.

Pneumatic marking system
Pneumatic marking system
LED lighting for perfect identification
LED lighting for perfect identification
Marking trigger
Marking trigger
Dot peen Portable marking machine
Dot peen Portable marking machine
Pneumatic marking system
  • Details


    This industrial portable marking machine offers speed and handling ability for the permanent identification of all your parts.

    portable machine XE320Cp ergonomic

    Ergonomic machine to mark heavy parts

    Compact, light and maneuverable, this portable machine is the ideal tool to mark heavy or large parts that are difficult to access. Designed for industrial marking, this dot-peen system has ergonomically curved handles, a bright LED light, and a trigger for the precise marking of your parts. Its versatility makes it suitable for marking parts of all shapes and sizes.


    XE320Cp portable marking machine - handle detail XE320Cp portable marking machine - grip detail
    Strap to secure the marking Anti-slide foot
    portable machine XE320cp Robust

    Sturdy machine for industry

    The Technifor XE320Cp is backed by decades of expertise and knowledge from the company that created and developed dot peen marking technology in the 1980s. Our marking machines meet all recognised marking and traceability requirements and standards. Using the same technology as our marking machines integrated into production lines, the XE320Cp marks serial numbers, dates, logos, Datamatrix codes and more.

    XE320Cp portable marking machine - metal marking XE320Cp portable marking machine - plastic marking detail
    Metal marking with the XE320Cp Detail of dot-peen marking on Plastic


    Total connectivity

    Intuitive portable marking system


    The XE320Cp comes with USB ports, RJ45 port, Ethernet, PN22 stylus and more - including Windows-based Gravotrace software. These features make it one of the best value and best-equipped machines in its class.




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  • Features

    Technical characteristics

    Dot peen Pneumatic
    Power supply 110-230 VAC - 50-60 Hz
    Power 120 VA
    Compressed air supply air filter supplied
    Air pressure 6 bars nominal ± 0.5 / 87 PSI
    Operation mains
    Operating temperature 5 to 45°c
    Standards "Machine" directive 98/37 EC
    "Electromagnetic compatibility" directive 89/336 EEC
    "Low voltage" directive 73/23 EEC
    Manufactured ISO 9001 compliant


    Marking area 1.9" x 0.7"
    Marking head weight 6.3 lbs
    Dimensions with handle 5.2" x 3.8" x 7.3"
    Carbide stylus point Angle at 60°, 90° or 120° depending on the application
    Marking options Fixed/variable head; Dates; Counters; 2D Datamatrix code; Logos, etc.
    Character size 0.019"  - 1.929"
    Usable fonts Continuous line - step-by-step - 5x7
    Material hardness ≤ 62 hrc


    Weight 8.59lbs
    Dimensions 8.58" x 7.08" x 5.9"
    External keyboard Supplied
    Communication Ethernet; Dedicated and generic inputs; RS232; 2 USB ports
    Management Integrated T05 software with wide backlit screen
    Operation Standalone (no PC - with PC - connected to PLC

    Integrated T05 marking program

    Driven by an easy to use icon interface, the internal software is powerful and simple to program.
    Developed by Technifor and enriched with vast application experience, it comes as standard with all the functions required for identification and traceability.

    Interface Multilingual (documentation and interface available in over 19 languages)
    Memory capacity Greater than 1,000 marking files
    Marking options   Text, logos, variables, timestamping, counters, serial numbers, shift
      Barcodes, 2D Datamatrix ECC200 codes, QR codes, UID, UDI, OCR
      Flat, angular, radiating marking, etc.
    Advanced features Direct connection to a barcode or Datamatrix reader
      Duplicate control, log files, data acquisition
    from your existing systems, file selection, etc
      Merging of CSV files, command instructions, FTP server
    link, etc.
  • Downloads

Examples of applications

DataMatrix™ marking
DataMatrix™ marking
Engraving texts, serial numbers, part numbers, lots, dates, codes, etc…
Engraving texts, serial numbers, part numbers, lots, dates, codes, etc…
 DataMatrix™   marking on metal
DataMatrix™ marking on metal
Alphanumeric character marking on metal
Alphanumeric character marking on metal
Serial numbers marking on metal
Serial numbers marking on metal
DataMatrix™ marking



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